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Sprinkler Activation

During the Colorado winters, your sprinkler system is hibernating with the bears. When spring returns, however, it is time to tend to those yards again! Xtreme Irrigation & Landscape is here to ensure that your Sprinkler Activation is done with the appropriate precautions and testing. There is no need to risk damaged sprinkler heads, fittings, or worse. Contact Xtreme and we will confirm that each sprinkler zone is functioning properly, making note of any possible damage, wear, or replacement that needs to be addressed with you along the way. Xtreme will help you keep your grass and plants healthy and happy!


Sprinkler Winterization

Any Colorado resident who has experienced what our winter season has to offer knows how cold it can become outside. Xtreme Irrigation & Landscape offers Sprinkler Winterization services that will prevent freezing, expansion, and other issues that cold temperatures may cause. Not only will we perform a sprinkler blowout (clearing the pipes of remaining or excess water) in a professional and timely manner, but we can cover other maintenance items that may not commonly be thought of, such as protecting your main shut off against freezing, insulating above ground piping, and adjusting the necessary valves. Your sprinkler system will thank you for protecting it from the elements by performing beautifully when warmer weather returns!


Sprinkler Repair

As an outdoor system, sprinklers are subject to multiple stresses such as temperature fluctuations, expanding tree roots, water pressure, even animals. Additionally, in-ground sprinkler systems involve many components that can deteriorate or fail over time, including valves and hoses that can break or crack. Whether replacement of parts or a few fixes is needed, Xtreme Irrigation & Landscape can address issues with sprinkler heads, valves, line breaks, leaking lines, and much more. If something about your sprinkler system does not seem to be working properly, contact Xtreme Irrigation – we will help you locate the problem and solve it!


Sprinkler Install

Xtreme Irrigation & Landscape offers affordable sprinkler installation services. When you are looking for sprinklers that are the best fit for your property, there are many things to consider. Xtreme will assist you in evaluating water efficiency, cost effectiveness, and convenience in order to provide an optimal sprinkler system while saving you money. Not everyone has the time and energy to set up and remove portable sprinklers each day and, as a bonus, installing an in-ground sprinkler system boosts property value! Xtreme will ensure that your landscape receives the appropriate amount of water it needs in the proper areas and would be delighted to help you by installing the perfect irrigation system for your property.

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